Grifols Plasma Pay Rates for Donors Explained (2024)

Donating plasma allows you to earn extra money while helping those who are in need. Knowing how much you can earn can also be helpful when choosing where to make donations.

Grifols' exact donor compensation varies by location and which of its centers you choose.

In general, you can expect to earn up to $440 to $580 per month for regular plasma donations at Grifols Plasma locations.[1][2][3][4]

You can donate up to twice per week. New donors generally earn between $100 to $125 for their first donations, while returning donors earn between $40 and $80 per donation.[1][2][3][4]

For more details, including promotions, requirements, and what to expect during the donation process, see below.

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How Much Does Grifols Plasma Pay?

Grifols Plasma owns Biomat USA, IBBI (Interstate Blood Bank, Inc.), PlasmaCare, and Talecris Plasma Resources with locations nationwide.[5]

Donor compensation varies depending on the location, donation center, and how often you donate.[1][2][3][4]

For an idea of the payment range, I contacted Grifols-owned plasma donation centers in Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Washington.

The average payment for new donors usually ranges from $100 to $125 the first two to four times they donate.[1][2][3][4]

Returning donors can earn between $40 and $65 for their first donation of the week and between $70 and $80 for their 2nd donation of the week.[1][2][3][4]

Since compensation varies, it’s best to contact your local Grifols center to find out exactly what you can expect to earn.

Note that you can only donate plasma twice within seven days and must leave 48 hours between donations.[6]

This means you can donate up to eight times each month, earning up to around $440 to $580 per month as a returning donor.[1][2][3][4]

Special Promotions and Bonuses

Some locations run bonus offers for donors. You can find these by downloading Grifols’ DonorHub app from Google Play or the App Store.[7]

You’ll need to get a registration number from your local Grifols-owned center to sign up for the app. Once you’ve logged in, you can find promotions near you, receive alerts, and keep track of your donations.[7]

Grifols also has a Buddy Bonus Program available at all centers which allows you to receive a bonus when you refer a friend.[8]

To be eligible, the person you refer must donate plasma twice. Then, the next time you donate, you’ll receive a $50 bonus.[1][2][3][4]

Find out more about Grifols’ new donor bonus and referral program.

Donor Requirements and Process

To donate plasma, you must be in good health and meet the donation center’s requirements.

All Grifols-owned donation centers have the following requirements:[6]

  • Must weigh at least 110 pounds (Find outwhere to weigh yourself for free.)
  • Must be between 18 and 69 years old
  • Must present a valid photo ID, proof of address, and proof of your Social Security number or Border Crossing Card

The donation process includes four to five steps.

First, you’ll check in and provide the documents listed above, as well as answer a questionnaire about your health and medical history.[9]

You’ll then receive a health screening, including a blood sample and a check of your vital signs.[9]

If it’s your first time donating (and around once a year after that), a specialist will give you a physical exam.[9]

Once you pass all of the health checks, you’ll complete your donation. The donation center will compensate you at the end of the appointment.[9]

Tip: Be sure to drink plenty of water or a sports drink like Gatorade before you donate. This makes the needle insertion easier and helps with the recovery.[10]


To be sure you’re earning the most you can for your donation, it’s a good idea to compare a few different centers before choosing one. See where else to donate plasma for money.


How are donors paid?

Payment is made via a Grifols prepaid Visa debit card, which centers refill after each donation.[11]

What forms of ID does Grifols accept?

Grifols will accept a valid driver’s license, state ID, passport, or military ID.[12]

Should I expect any side effects?

Side effects when donating plasma are rare and are usually limited to lightheadedness or bruising where the needle is inserted. To help with the recovery, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, eat a healthy snack, and don’t do anything strenuous until the following day.[13][14]

In Summary

Compensation for donors at Grifols Plasma varies by location and which center you choose, though returning donors can generally make up to $440 to $580 per month;[1][2][3][4] you can also refer a friend and receive a bonus of $50.[8]

You should make sure you are in good health and meet the requirements before donating. You’ll also need to provide a valid photo ID, proof of address, and proof of your Social Security number.[6]

In the comments section below, feel free to ask questions or share your own experiences as a plasma donor.

Grifols Plasma Pay Rates for Donors Explained (2024)


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