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Publication Order of Devil's Night Books

Corrupt (2015)Description/BuyatAmazon
Hideaway (2017)Description/BuyatAmazon
Kill Switch (2019)Description/BuyatAmazon
Conclave (2019)Description/BuyatAmazon
Nightfall (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon
Fire Night (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Fall Away Books

Bully (2013)Description/BuyatAmazon
Until You (2013)Description/BuyatAmazon
Rival (2014)Description/BuyatAmazon
Falling Away (2015)Description/BuyatAmazon
Aflame (2015)Description/BuyatAmazon
Adrenaline (2016)Description/BuyatAmazon
The Next Flame (2017)Description/BuyatAmazon
Next to Never (2017)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Hellbent Books

Falls Boys (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
Pirate Girls (2024)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Misconduct (2015)Description/BuyatAmazon
Birthday Girl (2018)Description/BuyatAmazon
Credence (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon
Tryst Six Venom (2021)Description/BuyatAmazon
Five Brothers (2024)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Publication Order of Anthologies

Penelope Douglas is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling American writer of the Fall Away series. She is a teacher and a writer based in Las Vegas. Born in Dubuque, Lowa Penelope is the oldest of five children, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Northern Lowa. She then went ahead to pursue a Master’s degree specializing in Education at Loyola University in New Orleans. Penelope is married and has a daughter named Aydan. When she is not writing, you will find Penelope touring old ships and road-tripping.

Bully (2013)

Bully is the first novel in Fall Away series by Penelope Douglas. Jared and Tate were best friends for many years before high school. They were so close to each other such that they did everything together, until the summer before their first year in college when Jared had to say goodbye. When he came back, he was a different man never the same man that Tate knew. Jared ignored Tate, avoided her and would occasionally bully her in front of her and his colleagues. Tate could not figure out what had happened to her best friend, but what could she do now? Face the bully and get bullied over and over again?

Bully is an excellent start to an exciting series. Tate is a strong woman, such that she can put up with Jared and his bullying even though she has no idea of why her once best friend chooses to be so bad for her. Her relief comes when she gets to spend a year in France, away from Jarred and his taunting. However, it reaches a point when she has to stand her ground, which forces Jared to up his game. Throughout the story, Tate not only matures as a character but also as a woman from being the defenseless naïve girl to being a woman who can stand for herself, and her ground. Jared bullying leaves Tate with very few friends, and this causes her at times to be socially inept. However upon realizing herself, Tate blossoms and manages to stand for herself.

There is always a reason when it comes to bullying, and so is to Jared’s case. There are some reasons as to why he becomes a bully, and there are also reasons for his hate. However, does this make it right? Not. Jared anger and his hurting behavior have some explainable causes; he is a lonely young man dealing with his pain but decides to lash it on others. In this particular case, he unleashes his burdens on the one person who loved him unconditionally.

Overall, Bully is a touching and a compelling novel, and the author accurately showcases a theme that has affects almost everyone especially during teenage. There are so many lessons to be learned, like bullying, forgiving those who hurt most and learning how to overcome some of the life’s most tormenting moments.

Rival (2014)

Rival is the second novel in Fall Away series by Penelope Douglas. Even though a second installment, the story can be read as a standalone, the only challenge is that the characters from the previous (first book in the series) play a vital in this book. The story introduces two star-crossed lovers, Madoc and Fallon fighting against the secrets and the pains of the past. Their connection to each other is strong, and their obsession with each other does not end but instead gets stronger each day. They both need each other but will the hate, games, dark pasts, and family connection stop a love that was destined to flourish or will they have to fight for their love beyond themselves?

It is revealed that Madoc Caruthers and Fallon Pierce signed their entry into a forbidden world when they could not fight their mutual attraction to one another and became lovers despite the fact that they were step-siblings. Being young and led by high hormones and emotions, they kept their relationship a secret. By day, they barely acknowledge each other, but by night their desires spark and end up giving in to their carnal desires. What made their love come down crumbling are the lies and betrayals. Fallon went to a boarding school far away while Madoc was left behind, this made them feel heartbroken.

After two years, Fallon returns home from school, but she returns home a different person. She wants revenge, but Madoc is ready for the challenge that she puts on his way and willing to play her game. As secrets surface and everything becomes more explicit, they both discover that what had happened between them was not what they initially led to believe. Can Madoc and Fallon overlook their dark past and turn their hate, rivalry into something love? Are the two lovebirds destined to be together? Both Fallon and Madoc have a lot to overcome as the relationship between them often gets nasty.

The two characters are fantastic. For instance, there is Fallon, a loner seeking retribution for all the wrong things that were committed against her. She is tough and a tender-hearted young woman who gave her love as well as body to a man who has managed to remain deeply ingrained in both her heart and soul. Imagine how heartbreaking it could be finding out that the person whom you cared and loved the most could deceive and break your heart into a million pieces? This is what Fallon feels and the main reason why she seeks revenge. However, the question is, was all that she was meant to believing true or just mere fabrications?

The second novel in the series is a brilliant read showcasing a fantastic storytelling, excellent writing talent, and characters that are as intriguing as real-life people. The main characters, Fallon and Madoc, are such beautiful characters that perfectly fit for the hero and the heroine roles. The secondary characters are also quite engaging. Penelope has created one a “love to hate you” narrative for the readers who love epic love stories, with broken characters, angry sex, sibling rivalry, and chemistry so strong such that only fate can decide.

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